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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

izzesparks wrote:

-Update- I have applied for and gotten approved for 2 secured cards and I have paid off one more creditor, I am also waiting to here back from one creditor about a PFD. I am typing up PFD letters for the rest to be mailed off tomorrow. No change in credit scores this week. Hopefully will go up soon!! Smiley Happy


Izze, way to go! I just got a pfd confirmation in the mail from one of my CA's that has 2 of my accts. They are pfd'ing for 20% of the amount so I'm very excited. Fortunately I'm getting them off my CR, but unfortunately they're only on EX (so I won't know what the impact will be on my score).


You'll be so happy to get those paid. Just don't make the mistake I did once, I sent out a bunch of pfd's (not expecting them to accept) and when the majority of them did within 2 weeks... I didn't have the money to pay them all off by the due date LOL. Luckily, they worked with me.

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