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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hi all :-)


I have decided to take on the 2012 FItness Challenge for a couple reasons. For the past year or so I have been rebuilding my credit by clearing up collection accounts and settling with a couple lenders. At this point I have become current on all accounts and expect a few of the negative accounts to start purging off CRs. This challenge is a great fit for me because right now my new focus is to establish a few good credit lines and increase my credit score. I really need to get the score up because I am expecting to be in the market for a car around the first of the year. So I guess my immediate goals are:


1. Pay off installment loan by year end (current balance of $1500)

2. PIF CC each month to establish/maintain a good payment history with new lines of credit (Capital One Rewards 500 CL and Walmart storecard 500 CL)

3. Increase score for auto loan (aiming for 720-750 range)

Starting Score: TU: 687 (MyFico, 4/15/12), TU: 659 (WalMart 8/6/12)
Current Score:TU: 679 (WalMart), EQ 676 (FICO 11/3/12) FICO
Goal Score: 775 ALL CRA's

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