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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Excited about the challenge and thoroughly enjoy reading about everyone's journey! 


I am getting ready for my first home. Started doing some credit research and my past is haunting me.  I have about 4 late pays with 3 coming of end of year (12-05).  One car loan and 380 in Discover debt (14% utilization) hopefully paid off ny end of 9-12. I am hoping to get a great home loan early next year.  No new apps for the last 5 years and hoping the next one is my mortgage loan!  I welcome this challenge!!!


Starting Score: 652 EQ/651 EX/651 TU (7-12)
Current Score: 670 EQ/662 EX/688 TU (8-15-12)
Goal Score: 720+

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge