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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Been working to repair past credit history for quite sometime now...  Have spent the last 6 years using buy here pay here lots and borrowing money using others credit... I have worked to repair mine and plan to purchase a new truck next year between march and June...  A number of my bad credit accounts will hit their 7 year mark and begin disappearing... Lately I have been approved for different types of loans ranging from personal loans to an unsecured credit card...  I now have 3 revolving accounts and 7 installment accounts...  Everything that is open is in good standing and those in the past are trying to fall off... It is my wish as time goes by the others will fall off and I will be able to establish good patterns with my currents and reach my goal of 700...

Starting Score: 550
Current Score: 631
Goal Score: 700

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