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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Starting late is better than not starting at all, right?


I've used myFico off and on for years but never the forums before so - first post  Smiley Happy


Let's see - I make a great salary yet I struggle to pay my bills and on-time has been more than difficult. I also have developed the very bad habit of overdrawing my checking account (and the fees are horrible - I know) just to try for on-time - but I feel as if I am in a viscous cycle. I pulled my credit report today and discovered a couple of collections that I am not familiar with. I have accounts I owe a couple thousand on that by all rights should be in collections but I do not see them on my report; and I do not see any reference to my overdrawn checking account; or another closed / overdrawn account at my bank. My spouse hides bills. My lone Visa is not only maxed but overlimit. I believe my credit to be worse than my report reflects.


With all that in mind; I am also scheduled to convert the rent-to-own place I am living in, to 'own' at the end of this year. I talked to my landlord and I do have options - rent another year;  or owner financed; but I really really wanted to get the place in my own name.


Back in the day my credit was 750. Now? I don't even want to find a mortgage broker. Smiley Frustrated


My goals are to have enough money to pay my bills on time, set up an emergency fund, and to raise my credit score to the point where I can get a mortgage - which I believe the minimum is 620? Obviously the higher the better, which is why I am hoping for 650 by the end of the year.

Starting Score: dismal
Current Score: Equifax 567, TransUnion 609
Goal Score: 650 All

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