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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

I'm tired of living in shame.  I'm tired of having my heart skip a beat every time the phone ring... missing calls from people I want to talk to because I don't recognized the number and I'm afraid it might be another collection agency.  I don't have any current open credit lines because I'm so scared of filling out the application.  I'm afraid of getting really serious with someone because I dread having to reveal that I'm a "dead beat" and that I have so much debt. 


So.... time to take control, right?  It has been really inspiring to read these posts, to see everyone's starting points and current scores. 


My goal is to raise my score to a more "respectable" 650 and pay down my debt.  I have $12,074 in debts from old collection accounts and a tax lien.  I also have $80K in student loans.  This is the first time I've admitted that to anybody.  My goal is to qualify for a home loan that is not considered subprime.  My other goal is more mundane: I want to not live in shame and fear; I don't want to have to hide my finances from my loved ones.



Starting Score: TU 598; EQ 558; EX 526
Current Score: TU 598; EQ 558; EX 526
Goal Score: 650

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