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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!
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Hi everyone. This is my first challenge. I have been doing alot of reading in the past 3 weeks Several of my paid baddies have fallen off in the past 2 months but have several things to get cleared up. I hope to buy a car and a home in 2013.

I have 1 paid judgement & 1 unpaid judgement and 2 PIF Medical collection accounts still reporting, any sugestions will be greatly appreciated.

I lost everything (2 cars & 3 CC's) with a month in the mental hospital due to a stressful job ending with no medical insurance and $29,000 in hospital bills in 2005.

I have 3 CC's (1 secured) in the past 2 years.


Starting scores 595 - 619 FAKO'S

Current FICO'S from here:  TU 648         EQ 654

Goals: all  750 by 12/2013 or sooner