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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

09Lexie wrote:



Welcome, you are amongst friends!  The missed phone calls are a familiar story.  I'm glad to see that you are tired and are ready to take the first step.  I have learned a lot from the experiences and the suggestions of our fellow rebuilders.  Do not be afraid to ask!  


Lift your head up! You are not a 'dead beat' cause now you want to take control.  I am sure there are others who will give you step by step instructions but for me I would start with gather basics.


  1. Get a copy of your 3 credit bureaus- scour it for errors
  2. acknowledge the reason(s) why you are in this situation and ask yourself if you have made a change in handling your finances.  You do not indicate the reason why -that's ok but as long as you know those reasons.
  3. If you havent already done so, review the rebuilding credit forum topic, What steps do I take? Do I Dv? Pfd?

    Remember, you are not alone, post often with your updates.  Good luck!  :smileyhappy:


Echoing what 09Lexie sadi!  Welcome to the forums Ellicel, and congratualtions on taking an incredibly important first step. Sometimes the first step is the scariest one!