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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hi all,

New to this board.  Had a score in the high 600's, nearly 700, when I encountered some medical issues.  Following a lengthy unpaid LOA from my employer, I returned to work to be laid off.  Luckily, I worked just enough P/T hours to qualify for UE, but this has not been enough for us to pay our bills.  We were forced into BK and had to let our home go in foreclosure.


We are currently renting a beautiful house that we hope to purchase one day.  The owner will convert our rent agreement to a lease-to-own contract as soon as we say the word.  However, we have little savings and haven't the credit to purchase the home any time soon.  So in a lease we will remain for a while.


I had to finance my car at something like 26%.  Now that my BK has been discharged, and my auto loan company is reporting again, I hope to be able to refi that loan soon.  The payoff is something like $7600, and I currently have 62k miles on it.  The loan matures in April 2016, so it would definitely be worth my while to refi ASAP!


I have opened one CC since the BK (First Premier- $700 CL), and was able to maintain an open Macy's account through the BK ($100 CL).  Applied for Orchard and C1, but was denied for both.  Smiley Mad


Tried to pull curent FICOs but am receiving an error stating that I don't have enough history to calculate a score.  I assume this is due to the BK?  It discharged in April 2012.  Perfect payment history since the BK, so I have high hopes of getting my score up quickly.  Any help or advice would be MOST appreciated!!!!



Starting Score: UNKNOWN
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Goal Score: 700

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