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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hi Everyone!


New to this forum and It looks like I can get some great information.  A little bit about me.


Filed for Chp 7 in Augst. Discharged in 01/2012.  Lost my job a month later and was unemployed until August.  Finally have a new job that pays an hourly salary plus commissions. However, I won't start seeing any jump in income until November.  Its been a struggle but thanks to friends I have minimal expenses.


I got a secured CapOne card.  Put $200 to secure a $400 CL.  Its a start!


My issue is I need to get a new car. I still owe $9k on it and it has almost 80k miles on and is starting to show wear and is in need of repairs.  2 dealers so far have balked (unbelievable)  I will be posting more on this later.


So my goal is to get those numbers higher and higher!



Starting Score: N/A
Current Fico Score: 655
Goal Score: 750

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