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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

I started building credit when I turned 18 this year in March. My mom added me as an AU on her Chase Freedom, and I started off with a CapOne secured card. 7 months later, I have a Discover It and an Amex Zync. At this point the weaknesses in my score are the short history, new accounts, and the high number on inquiries on my Equifax (8). I'm planning on gardening until January, at which point I'll apply for the Amex BCE for backdating purposes. I'm hoping all three of my scores will hit at least 730 by next year at this time.

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Starting EQ: 646 - Current EQ: 693 - Goal EQ for 12/2013: >720
Gardening from 7/2013 until 1/2014