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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Wow! Hi everyone I'm joining the fitness challenge so late but I'm planning great things for my future so that is no never mind :-)


About me filed BK Chpt 7 May 2012

Discharged Aug 2012


3 Credit Cards Now

Capital One 06/2012

NY and Company 09/2012

Lane Bryant 09/2012


Student Loans - $18,000's 


1 Auto Loan Financed through Capital One



Looking to join the 700 club.. through keeping debts low, paying in full on both store charge cards and never going over that 30% threshold.. I'm also doublepaying on my car note. Interest rate is unusually high but I know that is courtesy of BK. Starting to pay on my student loans. Will refinance hopefully inabout 6 months on car loan to my credit union. Looking forward to learning as much as I can because I didn't find out til after I was divorced how important credit really is. I am 24 years old and hope to be a homeowner before 30. 

Starting Score: 467
Current Score: 661
Goal Score: 795

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge

Post BK Wallet: Target VISA $10,000 (AU) | NFCU Credit Card $5,000| Walmart $1100| Cap One Platinum $3000 | Amazon $1150 | Discover It Card $500 | Cap One Secured $500 | PayPal Smart Connect $500 | Lane Bryant $1130| Dressbarn $750 |NY & Company $250| Victoria's Secret $250 | Target Store Charge $200 |Capital One Auto Finance