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FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!
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Hi all,


I am joining late but have been working on my credit report since March 2012. Cap 1 whom I have a long history with in April 2012. Open a unsecured Credit Card of $500, and secured for $1500, both with Capital One in June 2012.


In August 2012 I pulled all three reports and started to work on reports. At the time my Equifax score from myfico was 562. I found a lot of items not listed as "included in bankruptcy" and disputed them. My Equifax score is now 643.


biggest thing hurting my score from goal is I applied for a forbearance of student loans during bankruptcy and it was processed for 6 months not 12 months as I requested, so I have lates on credit reports. Sent a Goodwill letter to see if they will help.


And a student loan that went into default because it was sold to another lender without my knowledge. I enrolled in rehabilitation and I am now in 9th month of payment. Was told the default will be removed sometime in November/December 2012

MCU $500 I Capital One $750 I Starting Score 07/2016: TU 619 I EX 631 I EQ 592 I Current Score: Same I Goal Score:660