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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

fairclok wrote:

I'm looking for advice on what type of credit card i can get with


Exp 655

TU  615

Equ 650


I currently have Orchard Bank at $300 for approx 6 months.   Pay off 90% each months so only left with 10% revolving.  

I have 1 school loan for $10k - current for 3 years.   


i have approx 7 negative listings on my report, but they were all paid in full and closed approx 5 years ago. 


After many years just living off debit card, I felt it was time to build credit.     


I'm looking to apply for a card where i most likely will not get rejected.





i would say a secured card with a 2k+ deposit if you have the funds for it. 

the more you put down the better... 

but 500 would do just fine as well. 

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