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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!

Hi all, I am soo happy that I have found this forum. I don't feel terrible anymore about my credit score knowing that so many others are going through the same thing. My credit score was never a good one as I had many medical bills and lacked the insurance to take care of it. After a number of years of being denied credit, I requested the that the negative information reported on my credit history be removed as soo many years had passed and the information was still being reported. SO here I am in 2012 with a credit score that allows me to obtain credit cards (fair credit). My future goals include purchasing my first home and a car (not in that order Smiley Happy) as I continue to make timely payments on the credit that has been extended to me. I am looking forward to reading about everyone's success story! good luck to all!

Starting Score: 541
Current Score: 635
Goal Score: 750

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