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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!
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Started a about a year ago after alot of debt and bad credit from years ago. Looking to make that all better for good.


Cap One---500    no balance

Cap One Rewards---750   no balance

Orchard---300    thinking of closing  no balance

Credit One---875   no balance

Merrick---500  no balance

Barclays NFL---500 no balance--just opened

Walmart---500 no balance---just opened

Discover More---1200 no balance---just opened

Chase Freedom--- 1000 no balance---just opened

wells Fargo auto--22000 15500 balance


2 bad medicals paid sent letter to remove

1 bad card from 2007 updated 2010 on credit report $461


I was able to get a lot of things removed from my cr with letters I found on here as PFD and good will. Thanks for the help.

I have been hovering here for a year or so. When I started my scores were all low 500's


Starting Score: 637 EQ 646 TU 663 EX
Current Score: 658 EQ 658 TU 663 EX
Goal Score: 750

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge