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myFICO Fitness Challenge 2012 Wrap Up: How Did You Do?

Hey Challengers! Congrats to everyone who is wrapping up the myFICO Fitness Challenge for  2012. As we gear up for the 2013 Challenge, we at myFICO thought we’d try something new this year and post a wrap up thread for folks to report their successes.


How did you do this year? Did you reach your financial goals? What successes and milestones did you achieve? Here’s the place to give yourself a much-deserved pat on the back, as well as tell us about any important lessons you may have learned along the way.


Additionally, do you have any advice for new folks who will be taking their first myFICO Fitness Challenge in 2013? If so, you can post your wise words here!


We’ll be posting the new myFICO Fitness Challenge thread on January 1st – and we've got some new features in store for you, including optional monthly check-ins to help keep you on track. So get ready to ramp up, and make 2013 the year you take control of your finances and achieve your credit goals!