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Re: myFICO Fitness Challenge 2012 Wrap Up: How Did You Do?
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According to the orginal thread, my goal was:

webhopper wrote in January 2012:

My goal is to have 750 in the next 24 months!!!




So far in 2012 I've positioned myself to do just that!  Here are some milestones that I accomplished this year:


January:  Got an inaccurate 2010 chargeoff tradeline from Santander deleted from Credit Report, with mortgage broker's help. (The account was purchased by Santander and it was Settled in Full in 2009)

 Closed on a new home!!


February:  App spree for new cards, only had 1 credit card at the time.  I picked up: Amex Zync, Chase Amazon Visa, and Amazon store card


March:  Joined NFCU through my husband.  Refinanced my truck, going from 7.5% to 4% interest.  Picked up NFCU Cash Rewards credit card.


April:  Joined the Garden Club and Gardened my heart out!


May:  Gardened


June:  Researched the judgment from the 2009 auto account that was Settled in Full account from the courthouse and realized that this judgment had been dismissed.

Sent disputes along with copies of the court's dismissal to get the judgment removed.   Removed Judgment from EQ, and TU!


July:  Applied to refinance my investment property.


August:  Gardening


September:  Applied and approved for NavCheck 15k


October:  Closed on the refinance, went from 6.125% to 3.75%.  Applied and approved for NFCU new auto loan: 1.79% interest on 45k loan.  Ordered the car through overseas delivery  Smiley Happy


November: Gardened.  Re-disputed judgment with EX...  Judgment removed from EX!


December:  Gardened, handed over the NFCU loan check, my new car's VIN number was available Smiley Happy



In 2013:  I have several baddies that are due to fall off, including a 90 day late on a WF credit card account, and a 30 day late on a Nissan Motor Account.

I plan to apply for Amex PRG and Amex Lowes in January.  Also flying to Sweden in January to pick up my new car!



Overall:  2012 has been an exceptional year and I have been truly blessed!  (*feel a tear coming on*) I feel as though my 2013 goal of reaching 750 is acheivable if I maintain my accounts correctly, keep utilization low, and allow hard inquiries from this year to age off!  2012 was more about strategy and taking advantage of low rates.  2013 will hopefully be marked by the score jumps that go along with maintaining and gardening Smiley Happy


I'm blessed to have the wonderful folks on this forum to rely on for good advice!

My advice to new members as you make and pursue your 2013 goals:  Be realistic in your goal, make it acheivable!   Be persistant in pursuiding your goal, never give up!  Try again if it doesn't work the first time!   Don't lose sight of the $$ that you can be saving, use strategy to make your good credit work for you and save you $$!


Good luck to all in 2013!


Starting Score: 08/29/2011 TU 671 EQ 674
Current Score: TU 754 EQ 694 EX 697
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