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Re: myFICO Fitness Challenge 2012 Wrap Up: How Did You Do?

My goal is to be above 760 on all 3 by the end of 2013


2012 accomplishments:


Raised my score over 100 points


Got  new CCs for the first time in years!







Made moderator on myFICO!!!!!!

Have been trying to pay it forward.  Smiley Happy


Learned how to make my credit work for me, and hopefully how to never put myself in the same situation I was before.


Wishing everyone the best of luck and many Happy Dances!



Starting Score: 504
July 2013 score:
EQ FICO 819, TU08 778, EX "806 lender pull 07/26/2013
Goal Score: All Scores 760+, Newest goal 800+
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Current scores after adding $81K in CLs and 2 new cars since July 2013
EQ:809 TU 777 EX 790 Now it's just garden time!