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Re: myFICO Fitness Challenge 2012 Wrap Up: How Did You Do?

copied and pasted from this thread....  

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Might as well add my review. 


Before 2012 Start:

Start of credit history

Best Buy: Opened 10/10/10- 2500 limit (with mom as joint account holder with a bk discharge in 07') 

Macy's: Opened 12/20/10 100 limit:


2012: And Beyond 

Jan 5th: apped kohls approved for 400-still there. sd for now. 

feb:apped for chase/citi and cabelas; all denied for not enough revolving accounts 

fast forward to june 

Started working for bank- opened accounts there they pulled my credit, one for openeing account(it's interest bearing) go figure, and then again for a cc app i did for the employee card 500 limit 


July was a busy month as well. 

Ae-apped in store-400 girl said was a good limit with a smile lol- now 700

Chase Freedom-Approved 500 limit- still there

walmart-approved for store card- 800 limit- now 5k after 2 increases 3k to 5k

macy's in june noticed they started reporting limits. as stated was 100 dollars then it was 2k in june never told me since i get estatements and dont use the account-cli to 3.5k this month


then i was good in the garden for a little over a month and then aug 30th came. 


so toyota finance and the dealership pulled all three of my reports each 

then citizens pulled all three of my reports for a od line of credit was denied for lack of credit history but spit out a 726 score but was pre approved for a 2k card- no pull for that

and my last app was amex for the zync- approved 


December-Pre approved for a 5k card at work via soft pull. 

took that 


2013+ Goals

cli on freedom

cli on 5k card from work to 10k

costco te from amex with backdate(think ill wait until 2014 for this though) 

close smaller limit cards. (kohls(no wiggle room for a cli, dont even really shop there-i actually applied for this because i didnt want my mom to have another card lol(surprised i got approved) , ae(they have a visa version but no rewards whatsoever) , citizens bank(lower limit ones)

Keeping my util=< 5% 


so essentialy want to have my zync, costco te, Freedom Visa Sig, My work MC 5k + and an upgrade to wm discover(if only to pc to a discover it(which i know it isnt possible). 

im young=21, working, college student. no baddies and planning on buying a house/condo in the next 5 years. 

but then again that could all change tommorrow. 


edit/adding: so i went from 2600 in credit to almost 20k (19900) and a new car. (installment loan for 10k lease over 3 years) (putting away 100 dollars extra a week to buy a new car outright before lease is up (another car is more likely) 

went from a 16.6k job pre tax, to a 32k pre tax not including bonus/pre tax 401k dedutcion + matched by employer)

Current: Discover Fico 709 3/15 Walmart Fico 743 4/15

Inquiries (24 Months): EQ 6 TU 1 EX 6 | Most Recent: 4/09/2015
Over 12 Months:9

2015 Goals:
Lower Utility
Earn Cash Back

Amex Zync(Unicorn)
Chase Freedom$1500
Discover IT$7,400
Citi DC $10,000
Citizens Mastercard$7,000