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Re: myFICO Fitness Challenge 2012 Wrap Up: How Did You Do?

I guess I am very disappointed for 2012, so I will just keep working in 2013


I was able to get my credit score up from 580 to 689 from Jan '12 - May '12, then is seemed that no one wanted me to have that score because it dropped back to 589 and has stayed there.  I just sit shaking my head.


I did buy a car in March 2012, but that didn't seem to affect my score.  My pets old vet sold his office and the new staff apparently decided to go through some old books and just present a bunch to collection without checking the files properly.  Apparently they have another customer, with a minor spelling difference in the name, that had a dog that they never paid the vet bill for.  They are charging me for a dog that isn't mine from forever ago.  I called the vet, and my records show that I ALWAYS paid for my services when rendered.  I also told them that I never owned the dog in question, and the address listed for the dog was not mine.  I ask them to contact the collection agency, and she told me NO, that once they were given to collection she couldn't do that.  So, its on my credit report.  How do you prove that you never owned a dog that you are being billed for?  Amazing!!!!  I was a customer of theirs for over 10 years, so I am speechless.  New vet brought in new staff, so I don't know any of them.


Also, my mortgage was bought in 2006 by one of those big multi faceted mortgage trust buyouts.  Deutshe, JPMorgan, Capital, etc.  When I started making my payments they were being sent back to me with another address to mail it to.  I sent payments to Utah, and was told to send them to NC, NC told me to send them to Ohio, etc.  The end result was that by the time I was given the proper address, my check for the three months mortgage payments was returned because they said they had started foreclosure.  I called and explained that I had been mailing checks and they were returned, gave them all of the addresses, etc, and their response was that they were just the servicing company, not the note holder.  I immediately went to an attorney with all of the documentation, thank goodness I kept it.  18 months later we go to mediation and without even asking they lowered my interest rate, removed all the penalties, etc, and I was elated.  Until they didn't follow through with the mediation agreement, and I had no idea how much or where to mail my payments.  After two orders by the court to enforce the mediation agreement, they still did not comply, so we filed a dismissal motion, and it was granted Dec. 2010.  Dismiss with Prejudice due to failing to comply with 2 court orders, and the bank contacting me directly and not through my attorney, happened Jan 2011.  However, now they have refiled another foreclosure, which my attornay has ask to be dismissed.  Nightmare.....but I knew it couldn't be over with the dismiss with prejudice.  Something in my gut just said no one gets a $200K mortgage wiped off the books, even though I did everything I could to correct THEIR mistake with wrong addresses, and willingness to make good on the missed payments, it was a three year nightmare of not knowing if I could keep my house, even though I had never missed a payment.  There are two attorneys as co-counsel on this for free because they said they have never seen anything like this before.  Of course, I have to pay my attorney, but she is still trying to get my legal fees reimbursed from the three year nightmare, which is probably close to $10-$15K.  The dismissal order does say that I can get legal fees, but they never paid them.  If the tables were turned, and I did not comply with court orders, I would be on the street. 


Needless to say, I have to deal with the credit bureau's through this, and they would not even remove the previous foreclosure even though it was dismissed with prejudice.  My credit reports looks like I have been dealing with a foreclosure since 2007.  It was not affecting my score as much due to the aging, but the new filing in September 2012 did, and all the effort I made to get my score up vanished.  I thought credit agencies had to remove negative items that were dismissed with prejudice, but apparently not.


I guess I continue into 2013 still fighting the fight, but I am about to throw in the towel.


Starting Score: 593
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