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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2012!
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New to myfico. Trying to rebuild credit after getting derailed the past few years.

I had an Amex card 4k limit, lost that

Nose dive from 690 to 560 fico when I was in school, and receiving cash aid from the government.

Got a lousy card $300 limit, $50 yearly/high interest (late one month now @26%...terrible I know...will drop soon)

Wells Fargo Financial, my first cc, 2400, will keep, added Walmart and Fingerhut the past 2 years. will increase limits gradually.

Will apply to Credit Union, B of A, maybe Discover and Amex again.



1) Pay off CCards ($1900 balance) over three months. It's apparently better to do it incrementally then all at once...

Maybe add one (or not) next year. 


2) Save for downpayment for car & start the process on DP on house/condo. I currently pay 1400 in rent monthly (live in L.A) self employed, 50k gross, single mom


3) Pay down student loans, currently hovering above 13k


My goal by end of 2013 is a fico score above 700, low mid 700's would be fantastic!


Southwest 25.8k I United Explorer 15k I Discover It 7.5k I Wells Fargo 2.5k I Bill Me Later 4k I Amazon 3.5k I Pier 1/VS/ Walmart 5k
Current Scores: (TU) 772, (EQ) 784 (EX) 761
Goal Score: 800