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Re: MyFico Fitness Challenge 2012 Wrap Up: How Did You Do?
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Started to rebuild exactly a year after filing bankruptcy. Went from 523 to my highest score being 663 this year. Up 130 points Smiley Happy


After reading forums on bankruptcy and rebuilding credit I did the following:


March 2012- started rehabilitation on defaulted student loan

April 2, 2012- approved car loan Capital One

June 2012- approved Capital One unsecured & secured

August 2012- Learn all accounts were not iib, and got them corrected.

November 2012- completed student loan rehabilitation. Loan in deferment. Currently in school

December 2012- approved Barclay Apple Card & Apple Federal Secured Credit Card


Plan to garden until June 2013. That way all my hard pulls except the two I did this month will be a year old.


As soon as the collection is removed from a rehabilitation student loan, I am looking for another boost in my credit score. Was hoping it would have been completed before the year ended, but no success as of yet.


I have learn so much from the forums this past year and my suggestion to new comers is time is your best friend, learn from your mistakes and others! It will take some time and patience, but the reward is worth the wait.


My goal is to be at 700 post two years filing bk (April 2013). Hopefully, when default loan is removed and with time I will make my goal.

MCU $500 I Capital One $750 I Starting Score 07/2016: TU 619 I EX 631 I EQ 592 I Current Score: Same I Goal Score:660