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Re: myFICO Fitness Challenge 2012 Wrap Up: How Did You Do?

I had a wonderful 2012! My credit rebuilding journey was successful, during which I was able to achieve the following goals:


  • All scores reached 700+
  • All CO/CAs aged off my reports
  • Soft CLIs on several credit cards
  • Approved for ALL four of my goal cards, and with nice starting limits:
    • Bank of America 1-2-3 rewards Visa Signature (affinity card for UCF Alumni Association), $5000 CL
    • Discover More, $2000 CL
    • Citi Diamond Preferred MC, $6800 CL
    • Wells Fargo Rewards Visa, $7000 CL
  • And, a miracle occurred... asked for and was granted an upgrade to my Cap1 Visa Platinum; went from no rewards to Venture Visa Signature!

I'm grateful for all of the knowledge and support that I've received on these forums. My participation in the myFICO community has really been a life-changing experience. My sincerest thanks to all.

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