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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

In an effort to improve my scores, I found these forums a week or so ago, so I am a newbie.  I've been reading up and have learned much so far. 


Goals for 2013:

  • Send out GW and PFD letters to all negative items (I have multiple medical collections on my CRs)
  • Pay down credit cards (3 all maxed out right now)
  • If I can get my score about 650 I need to refinance my mortgage.

Due to a terrible financial struggle, I let many medical bills slide in an effort to keep everything else afloat.  We had to refinance our mortgage in 2011, but our scores were awful and we had no choice but to go with a 3-yr balloon.  So - that needs to be refinanced just as soon as the scores move up.


The suggestions I read on these forums are great.  I plan to put some of the things I have learned into action this month!


Best of luck to all!


Starting Score: EX 573 EQ 489 TU 521 (7/12/11 all Lender Pulled)
Current Score: Unknown
Goal Score: 725

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