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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!
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Happy New Year everyone.  After many years of ignoring my credit score, I recently checked it and was mortified to see that my score was 503!! I had late payments here and there but always caught up with them. I was laid off for a while and also had a couple collections after graduating from school while I was still looking for a job. Anyway, this year is a new beginning and I am working on paying close attention and becoming much more responsible for my bills. I will also contact some of the creditors and see what I can do to remove some of the negative info from my account.  Wish me luck!!!



1. Pay off all credit cards by April

2. Dispute negatives on credit report

3. Save $10,000

4. Take 18 credits for grad school


Starting Score: 503
Current Score: 609
Goal Score: 700

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