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Re: myFICO Fitness Challenge 2012 Wrap Up: How Did You Do?

My TU score 02/12 when I joined was 652 and my EQ score was 636.


At the beginning of 2012 I had 4 paid collections, 1 30-day late, and 1 unpaid repo. I had 1 unsecured Orchard Visa with $400 CL and a GE Store Card with $400 CL


At the start of 2013 my TU score is 650 and my EQ score is 672.


I was able to have all 4 paid collections removed through GW's and the repo finally hit 5 years and remains unpaid.


I've since added a Walmart and Amazon store card.  A barclay Visa, best buy MC, and 3 Amex cards (ZYNC, Gold PRG, and Delta Gold), and have 2 addtiional paid-in-full loans reporting from my local CU.


In 2013 I will continue to open new TL's.  I hope to app for my local CU's CC, as well as a CC from USAA (Full member).  I will close my Amex Zync when it hits 12 mo. and open another Amex product to futher assist my AAoA.


I will also begin sending GW's and/or PFDs regarding my repo since I'm now out of SOL.

5/2012: 560 credit scores across the board and $500 secured CC
12/2014: 750+ scores across the board and $80k in revolving credit

Get those baddies removed!!!