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Re: myFICO Fitness Challenge 2012 Wrap Up: How Did You Do?

Wow, so I am excited to start this challenge again. So I had some successes and some setbacks this year. Although I still don't have a job (working on it though), and I didn't reach my goal score (I got to 640 once but then that dropped), I developed and have stuck with many healthy financial habits that I did not have when I started the year off. Also, I got a huge victory when I got Honda to not only remove a 60 day late but also a charge-off! I can't really do much about Sallie Mae right now, especially since I don't have a job to make payments. Also, right now I have about 92% utilization (ouch) on my cards, so I will be paying those down this month and my score should improve.


My score is 576 EQ at this time.


 January 2012 Starting Scores - EQ (591), TU (580), EX (576-BOA Pull)


Goals for 2012

1.      Obtain Employment!

2.      Get 1 to 2 secured cards to rebuild - COMPLETE

  • ·      Actually got approved for a small unsecured Orchard card on 1/13/12
  • ·     Signed up for Open Sky secured card 1/20/12

3.      Keep util under 6%

4.      Make arrangements on my SM loan so that it's not still reporting 180+

5.      Raise credit scores to 650

6.      PFD 2 accounts -COMPLETE

  • RJM - Wachovia, Feb 2012
  • Univ Hlth-Medical, Feb 2012

7.      GW 2 accounts

  • Honda Finance (60-late and CO removed), Feb 2012


Starting 2012 Score: EQ (591), TU (580), EX (576-BOA Pull)
Current Score: 545 (EQ-3/9/12), 637 (TU-3/13/12), 576 (EX-Lender Pull) 1/2012
Goal Score: 650 by end of 2012

Starting Score: 576 EQ 1-12-13
Current Score: 588 EQ 2-3-13
Goal Score: 650

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