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Re: myFICO Fitness Challenge 2012 Wrap Up: How Did You Do?

I started here in late July, with scores in the high 500s and no open lines of credit. I had a total of 35 baddies across the 3 reports. My goal was to do whatever it takes to get my scores over 700 and apply for a mortgage in mid-2013.


So far, I'm very happy with my progress. Since July, my TU has gone from 632 to 702, EX 597 to 716 and EQ just missed the mark, going from 584 to 694. Two baddies remain on each report (%$#@ Barclay and Equable Ascent). I now have 5 lines of open credit and a new car loan. I'm confident that when I get my utilization down (currently 46%) and get rid of a few inquiries, all of my scores will be solidly in the 700s.


My goal now is to get that home!


Good luck all with your goals for 2013!

Starting Score: EQ 584(7/20/12)/ EX 597 (7/20/12)/ TU 632 (7/20/12) Up to mid 700s by 3/13...gah! I blew it again! Restarting 3/1/15 EQ 489/ EX 517/ TU 497
Current Score: EQ 625 (6/18/15)/ EX 605 (6/14/15)/ TU 583 (6/17/15)
Goal Score: 700 all

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