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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

I am currently a graduate student and make around 12K a year.  I started my credit journey in December 2011 with opening three credit cards: one with a local credit union,  paypal smartconnect, and the amazon store card.  I added a few more cards during August and September 2012, then applied for 2 Amex cards this month for backdating purposes.  


My Goals for 2013 include:


Reaching a $4000 credit line

Adding another $3000 to savings

Getting a 730 score across all three bureaus.


I've learned alot from reading and participating in these forums and look forward to achieving my goals. 


Starting Score (January 2013): TU: 704, EQ: 679, EX: 687
Current Score (September 2013): TU: 741. EQ: 703, EX: 712
Goal Score: 730 Across the Board

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