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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!
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Hope that I'm not too late to the party.  What can I say.  I found myfico in 2009.  I had/have 10 charge offs and collections from 2006 after losing a job.  I came here in 2009 to get myself on the right path.  In 2010 I opened a Cap One tradeline.  First new tradeline since 2005.  Then I subscribed to myfico reporting so that I could monitor my progress.  My scores were 534 EQ & 555 TU in May of 2010.  From late 2010 to late 2011 I opened 4 more tradelines including a Citicard, Cap One, Orchard Bank and First National.  In 2011 I began to pay off the collections and charge offs.


2012 Was a Good Year 


  • Started reading the forums to figure what I should do to obtain a mortgage.
  • Increased TU FICO from  578 in September - to 656 December and increased EQ from 634 in June to 675 in December
  • Paid off all collections except for one 
  • No late payments or missed payments since 2006
  • Increased CL on two Cap One cards


2013 Goals


  • Increase EQ FICO to 700 by Oct and increase TU Fico to 715 by Oct (Mortgage Lender pulls as of Jan: EX 684, EQ 674, TU 656
  • In Jan I paid off the last collection
  • All of remaining 9 collection and charge offs derogs are scheduled to drop from my reports between March and Oct
  • Obtain a USDA mortgage by Jan 18 and close on my house March 1st (In underwriting right now)
  • Feel better about about sending a good deal of cash to my mother every month to support her after my father died
  • Increase my rainy day fund

Starting Score: EX 575/TU 534/EQ 570
Current Scores per Myfico: (As of 12-14-13) EX 690/EQ 685/TU 679
Goal Score: 720

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge