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Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Ok so it is a new year and like most of the time when a new year starts and through out the rest of the year Ialways make plans to get some of the debt that I have paid off.  But somehow something always comes up to cause the plan not to work.  This year I am really going to try to stick to the plan. 


Goals for 2013:

1.  Pay off some little loans that I have so that I will have more money to put toward the debt that I currently have.

2.  Pay off at least one credit card.

3.  Stop putting money on the other cards that I have so that I can get those paid off as quick as possible.

4.  I would like to start saving some money so that if an emergency comes up then I will have some money to help play it.

5.  The biggest and the hardest for me is to start saving the money so that when Christmas comes I will have the money to buy the gifts and not have to put them on credit cards and this goes for birthday presents throughtout the year also.

6.  Improve credit score so that in the next few years I will have a high enough credit score to get a house. 


I know these are a lot of goals but I think that I can accomplish at least a couple of them and make some progress on all of them.