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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

After finding myself in 2009 with a 500-ish credit score I worked to improve it and got it up to mid to high 600s last year, yay! Then in a time of personal upheaval (and, let's be honest, absolute stupidity), I racked up some pretty decent credit card debt and was 30 days late on a car payment, and BAM back to low 600s with me, plus that knocked my husband's score from the low-mid 700s down to the high 600s.


Here's where I stand at the end of 2012:


Wells Fargo Mortgage - $172k

Security Service FCU Car Loan - $8.4k, 1 30-day late in 11/12

Cards (limit/balance) (total: $47,400/$13,547)

Chase Mileage Plus Visa - $16,500/$0

Commerce Bank Visa - $12,500/$8,889

Chase Freedom Visa - $6,000/ $3,730

Chase Coldwater Creek Visa - $5,000/$0

Nordstrom Store Card - $4,000/$200

Kohls Store Card - $1,000/$0

Capitol One - $750/$292 - I PIF each month but son in college uses this one for expenses so it never stays at 0 for long

Capitol One - $750/0

Just closed an HSBC card w/0 balance that dropped me from $950 credit limit to $305 credit limit due to the late payment, they can cram it.

Bad Things On My Credit

Equidata (medical) - $252 in collections

Convergent (Sprint, don't know if this is really mine) - $140 in collections

Receivables Management (medical) - $137 in collections

Verizon Wireless (surprise! thanks to my daughter) - $126 P&L showing 0 balance, no CA reporting on it tho

Plus one PIF collection


My goals for 2013:

  1. Pay off Commerce Bank Visa (4k of this is a BT to pay off a high interest card of my husband's and that will be paid off by April, the rest is mine and should be done by July)
  2. Pay off Chase Freedom Visa (this is at 0% until 2014)
  3. Send GW, HIPAA Process, and PFD letters as appropriate to all baddies (letters written & will go out Monday)
  4. Stay on top of the GW, HIPAA and PFD situations, send letters out biweekly as needed, until I get those Bad Things off my credit!
  5. Put both loans on auto-pay to avoid EVER having another late payment
  6. Set up reminders to check that payments are made on time
  7. Build personal emergency fund from current $500 to minimum $2,000
  8. Add additional $10/biweekly paycheck to gift/Christmas fund to bring it more in line with actual spending
  9. After 6-8 months of no lates, try GW Hunting w/Security FCU and see if they'll delete that one late payment
  10. Stay in the garden for at least the first 6 months of 2013 and possibly longer in order to ...

Starting Score: 623 EQ 620 EX 613 TU (pulled by mtg lender, 1/7/13)
Current Score: 623 EQ 620 EX 613 TU
Goal Score: 700

Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge