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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Hello Everyone!!  I've been reading the myFico forum for sometime so let me start by thanking every contributor for sharing their knowledge and credit related experiences, they've helped a great deal. Here's where I've been and where I will be:  


In 2011/2012 


  • Got serious about cleaning up CRs and improving score.
  • Improved score from 563 to 670.
  • Removed all (but one) OLD debt with DV and PFD.
  • Got student loans out of Default.
  • Opened two secured cards (Capital One and USAA Amex) to improve and establish better credit history. 
  • Bankruptcy fell off January 2013 -Woohoo!!!

2013 Goals


  • Deal with last negative on TU report- Progressive $174 (it's really bugging me)
  • Increase FICO to 700 by April
  • VA Mortgage by May
  • App for Home Improvement card for appliances
  • Join Garden Club December 2013

Starting Score: TU: 670 EQ: 618 EX: 670
Current myFICO Scores as of 7/5/13: TU: 757 EQ: 725 EX: 750
Goal Score: TU: 800 EQ: 780 EX: 800
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