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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Hello 2013 Challengers!


This year I want to figure out why my signature does not display the logo properly - I cut and pasted and only typed over the 800s.  Can anyone tell me what's wrong?


Financial goals: 

  1. My son graduates high school this year (woohoo!) so I'll need to figure out how to best pay for college.  FAFSA (not expecting anything) then what to spend first Coverdell or 529.  Are there pros and cons to which on to use first?
  2. Home renovations - major Sandy damage, still 'negotiating' with the insurance company but I'd like to evaluate an addition to the house (4th bedroom) since they'll be doing major restoration anyway but I'm not certain if I'm in this house for the long haul or if I'll be able to recoup the coast of the addition
  3. Increasing my retirement savings - maximzing 401k for the match, need to determine if I can max out a traditional or Roth IRA at my income level
  4. Maximizing payments on debt (HELOC ~$10k and I had to replace the HVAC ~$6k in my rental this year)

Good luck everyone...




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