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Re: Take the myFICO Fitness Challenge for 2013!

Hi Everyone!

I am new to these boards but after only lurking for the last few weeks I have learned SOOOOO much!  My primary goal is to buy my first home.  I actually went through the entire process of pre-approval and having a home built only to lose my mortgage because my scores dropped at the last minute.  So my goal is to get back to a 640 mid score before someone puts in an offer on the home that I had built for my family. I am pretty sure that my TU score is over 640 now as CK is reporting it as 631 and they have typically been about 30 points off from my actual FICO. I look forward to building my scores well past that 640 nby the end of the year.


Looking forward to the "700 Club"

Starting Score: 619 TU, 587 EQ
Current Score: Wal-Mart TU 682, MyFICO EQ 655 Lender Pull EX 645
Goal Score: All 700 by 12/31/13

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