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Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2010!
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The Consumer Federation of America found that consumers could save $28 billion a year in lower credit card finance charges if they improved their credit scores by 30 points. As the New Year begins we’d like to officially announce the FICO Fitness Challenge!

The concept is simple:

Set a goal for where you’d like to see your FICO score at the end of 2010. Then with the help of our Credit Education Center and FICO Forums Community, take the steps that will help you achieve this goal during the coming year. Why not challenge yourself to get your credit in shape and start saving money?

To take the challenge tell us the following: 

1.  Your FICO score goal for 2010

2.  Your current FICO score(s)

3.  The steps you plan to take to achieve your goal

Then periodically share your progress with the FICO Forums Community and help others by providing the kind of expertise and support that earned us a prestigious Forrester Groundswell Award for social media in 2009.


Here's to a financially healthy New Year for us all!



NEW feature:  Click here for the Official FICO Fitness Challenge siggy!

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