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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

My FICO goals for 2010 are to move into the 700+ club.


Current scores are EQ 665 TU 676 EX 674 (Per LO)


All my chargeoffs and collections are due to fall off between August and November.  Theres's about 5 total.

I have a paid tax lien that will be 2 years old in Feb. Additionally, I'll have a mortgage and 2 car loans that are all paid but with lots of lates. All of the lates are 5+ years old.


Like most people here, time is my greatest ally. I was just recently preapproved for a home loan. We'll see if I get the home as the LO thinks I may need to pay the collection accounts, which would be a dealbreaker for me.


I will let my accounts age and not apply for new credit other than mortgage loans.

1/19/09 EQ 595 TU 508 EX 579 FICO
7/1/09 EQ 659 TU myFICO 654 TU 671 EX 644
10/14/10 EQ 696 EX 710 TU 728 (Wachovia pulled scores)
11/1/10 EQ 705 EX 710 TU 728 (700 Club all around, yayyy!)
07/24/11 TU 735
5/21/12 EQ 704 EX 737 TU 722