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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2011!
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1.  Your FICO score goal for 2011 = 750

2.  Your current FICO score(s) = 679 Experian (in January)

3.  The steps you plan to take to achieve your goal = Rebounding from a 2008 bankruptcy, I just got my first credit card since from McGraw Hill (no fees!). I will use it each month and pay it each month. I'm also paying my student loans on time and hoping to pay off the smaller one ($3,800). The larger one is overwhelming ($42,000), so I'll just pay as agreed with a marathon mindset. Other than that, I found one thing to contest on the one report I pulled. I will pull the other two and then contest all at once if the mistake is across the board. I will also never close the McGraw cc and will re-apply for another one in July. Note - the credit report reviewer suggested that I focus on non-store credit cards, as they will help my score in less time than the store cards.


*I found McGraw Hill cc through this site. They work with Balance, so if you get the McGraw cc, you get a free credit report review with Balance, which was helpful in understanding my report and determining if there were mistakes...


**Lastly, how are y'all monitoring your scores on all 3 reports. There seem to be so many options on this site. I'd love to pay a flat or monthly fee and have the reports automatically pulled and sent to me. Suggestions?


Thanks....and lets R.O.C.K. this! C'mon 750!