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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2011!

Hey Everyone, 


This is definitely a challenge I need to take part in, for too long I've been irresponsible regarding my credit and poor spending habits. For 2011, here are my goals:


1.  FICO score goal for 2011: 680

2.  Current FICO score: 518

3.  Continue PFD process with outstanding collections, work to have inaccurate collection items removed from my report, pay off all revolving credit balances and maintain usage at 10% or below. 


I know my goal may seem a little aggressive for one year, but I'm definitely taking the bull by the horns and I'm prepared and able to take these necessary steps to improve my credit score. 

Starting Score: 518
Current Score: 518
Goal Score: 680

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge