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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge for 2011!

chexxie wrote:

Hi all,


I curently have:


1 CC w/ a balance 25% util (I just pay it every 2 weeks, no delinquencies)

4 CC w/ 0 balance presently (usually I just keep them 0% to 10% util)

1 Student loan (paying 2x the due amount every month)

1 24-month consumer loan (3 months into it, paying same as student loan)


1 30-day late payment (Feb 2008) on 1 of the 0 balance CC (don't remember why or how)

1 Collection, Status: Paid (Aug, 2008) - from cable company (result of putting someone else's bill in my name)

2 Inquiries Aug 2010



1.  Your FICO score goal for 2011:  760-780 for all 3 bureaus

2.  Your current FICO score(s) : EQ: 698 | TU: 716 | EX: ??

3.  The steps you plan to take to achieve your goal: Continue paying off loans and CC, control spending, less visits to Ikea lol, more visits to MyFICO Smiley Happy

Hey everyone. Thought I'd update with my results from the 2011 goal until the 2012 topic is ready.  Smiley Happy

I didn't reach the 760-780 score, which I realize now was a bit unrealistic for me. But if I didn't aim that high I probabaly wouldn't have gotten to where I did.

At the time that I started the challenge in March 2011, my scores and credit situation were as listed above.


At present:

  • I've continued my regular payments on Student Loan and Consumer Loan and that's still going well.
  • CC util on my main CC has increased but overall util still low due to CLI
  • 30-day late from Feb 2008 not negatively affecting score
  • 1 recent Inquiries (June 2011 for CLI)
  • The best news: I disputed and have gotten the 1 collection removed from my EQ & EX (wasn't on TU), which caused my score to jump like 25 points.
  • Scores as of 12/05/11 - EQ: 735 (FICO) | TU: 748 (FICO) | EX: 732 (

Thanks guys.


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