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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

nurseybp wrote:
How did you get all negative removed?

I followed the advise on this site. I spent a lot of time on the credit rebuilding forum, then the mortgage forum, then the credit card forum, and finally the auto loan forum. I pretty much made the rounds. I sent out what seemed like a hundred letters and followed up by pulling my reports daily. Within 2 years my score went up a lot. I have since bought a new house, a reliable car, and have good credit cards. Time and persistence is your ally. 


1/10 TU ??? EQ 718 EX ???

5/09 TU 809 EQ 728 EX 800
4/09 TU 789 EQ 676 EX 696
2/09 TU 783 EQ 731 EX ???
2/09 TU 678 EQ 674 EX 676
12/08 TU 611 EQ 659 EX 620
2/07 TU 570 EQ 565 EX 550