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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!
My Fico 2010 end of the year goal is to be in the 700 club!!! Currently I am @ 582 Transunion , 527 Equifax. I have 4 collections that are due to fall off 2012-2014.. Zenith Acquisitions (Kay Jewelers $450). Comes off in 2014 E.R Solutions (sprint $571). Comes off 2013 RJM Acquisitions ($250) comes of 2012 Afni. (Verizon $94). Comes of 2013 Fighting to do a Payment for Deletion, with no luck except for RJM acq. I have 1 credit card (capital one) that has been on time for 3 years, no lates BUT I am always using 90% of it.. So my goal once my income tax comes, is to pay it off completely and never use it more then 15% of the limit amount. I've been a big fan of everyone here.. And hope anyone has any tips!! Smiley Happy wish me luck on my journey!!

Starting Score: 800
Current Score: 530
Goal Score: 700

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