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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

Since joining, my credit score has gone from 720 to a high of 807 last Spring. THEN I used a CC I hadn't used in a while (wanted the reward points) and my score dropped to 787. I'm back up to 794.  My goal in 2010 is to bring my score to 815. 


My fiance and I are house hunting. We have an agreement that the person with the lower score, has to pay the difference in our scores (times $1,000) in additional downpayment.  I agreed - thinking my score was higher than his. I was wrong - his current score is 813.


To increase my score, I'll keep paying CCs off monthly, not apply for new lines or increases in lines, rotate cards more frequently and research what causes scores to drop so, I don't do something stupid again.  I would like to have my score over 800 when we begin the pre-qualification process.