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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

1. FICO score goal is to reach 700 by mid 2010 and remain there or higher by the end of 2010.


2. Current Scores: TU 651 (12/31/09); EQ 633 (12/31/09); EX 638 (2/11/09)


3. Biggest is step is to stop accumulating new debt to cover/pay off old debt. I pay all accounts on time (last late payment is from 2004), however my UTL is high ... pretty much maxed out. I have paid off cards several times throughout the year only to charge back up. Therefore, I am going to my mothers (800+ Ficos across the board) rule of thumb: paying off my debt and only carrying 1 primary card PERIOD (maybe 2). I am paying off my current debt by highest APR first. Hope to have a dent by midyear. Using only debit for now until I get things under control and lower some balances.



Good luck to all and Happy New Year 





Starting Score: EQ: 633 (12/31/09) TU: 651 (12/31/09)
Current Score: EQ:633 TU: 651
Goal Score: EQ: 700 TU:700

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