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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

My goal for this year is to get to 700 on both EQ and TU for myself and to (help)establish credit for my wife. I would also like to pay off all of our  CC debt and to start working on our car and house.


Right now my EQ is at 656 and my TU is at 630 (although I have not checked it since I had a large increse on EQ). Due to some recent closing of lines of credit by CC companies my util is around 40% but I should be able to pay it down in a month or 2.


I would also like to get to a point where I can refi my house. I am currently at 9% ARM and I want to lock in while rates are low. I bought a real fixer upper though, so I only owe 24,000 on it. The rates are not killing me, but I would prefer lower.


The info I have found here has already helped tremendously.