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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

My current FICO's are TU 629 (came up 97 points since 4/13/09) and EQ 601 (only came up 18 points since 4/13/09).


My goal is to be in the 700+ club by YE 2010.


I recently obtained a small secured loan through the credit union to establish some good payment history.  I deposited the loan into my savings account and setup automatic payments (set it and forget it!).  This will only cost me $26 for a 12 month loan.  I have a foreclosure on my credit that should be coming off this year and when it does, I'll be able to get an unsecured cc from the credit union.  I can't say enough about the credit union.  The loan officer advised me on what I need to get off my credit report, what I need to get on my credit report and how to establish a better relationship with them for future transactions (hopefully qualifying for a home loan).


I currently have a low credit limit cc that I paid off in December and will only use every other month and pay off immediately to keep the card active.


I also have some medicals on my CR that I intend to start getting off by the end of this month.   Time to take a swat at the whole HIPAA process.


Good luck to everyone with their 2010 financial goals!

Starting Score: TU: 606 EQ: 600
Current Score: TU: 658 EQ: 661
2011 Goal Score: 750

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge