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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

My current scores are:


Experian Website: 695

My Fico (TU): 668

My Fico (EQ): 648


My goal for the end of 2010 is:


Ex: 725 or better

TU: 720 or better

EQ: 715 or better



My strategy: Pay all my CC/account balances in full, or atleast half, each month. Monitor my credit status via all 3 CR bureau's official website, as well as "my fico" (which I'm currently doing). Refrain from asking for uneccessary credit. Ensure that all past (settled) badies disappear upon their 7yr SOL, and maintain diligent communication with my current creditors. I believe I'm off to a good start. As of Jan 09, 2010. My car, bike, and cc are all paid off. My current available credit is 100%, and credit debt ratio-0. Wish me luck as I embark on my new journey, I kow I won't be alone because I have you all (my peers) to keep me grounded and on the right track. Good luck to you all.