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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

1. FICO score goal is to reach 700 by mid 2010 and remain there or higher by the end of 2010.


2. Current Scores: TU 651 (12/31/09); EQ 633 (12/31/09); EX 638 (2/11/09)


3. Biggest is step is to stop accumulating new debt to cover/pay off old debt. I pay all accounts on time (last late payment is from 2004), however my UTL is high ... pretty much maxed out. I have paid off cards several times throughout the year only to charge back up. Therefore, I am going to my mothers (800+ Ficos across the board) rule of thumb: paying off my debt and only carrying 1 primary card PERIOD (maybe 2). I am paying off my current debt by highest APR first. Hope to have a dent by midyear. Using only debit for now until I get things under control and lower some balances.



Good luck to all and Happy New Year 





Starting Score: EQ: 633 (12/31/09) TU: 651 (12/31/09)
Current Score: EQ:633 TU: 651
Goal Score: EQ: 700 TU:700

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

My goal for this year is to get to 700 on both EQ and TU for myself and to (help)establish credit for my wife. I would also like to pay off all of our  CC debt and to start working on our car and house.


Right now my EQ is at 656 and my TU is at 630 (although I have not checked it since I had a large increse on EQ). Due to some recent closing of lines of credit by CC companies my util is around 40% but I should be able to pay it down in a month or 2.


I would also like to get to a point where I can refi my house. I am currently at 9% ARM and I want to lock in while rates are low. I bought a real fixer upper though, so I only owe 24,000 on it. The rates are not killing me, but I would prefer lower.


The info I have found here has already helped tremendously.



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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!
My score is in the toilet...593 and  2009 was rough.  I start a full-time job on 1/25 so things are definitely looking upIf I can get to 630-650 by year's end, I'm on my way
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

My current FICO's are TU 629 (came up 97 points since 4/13/09) and EQ 601 (only came up 18 points since 4/13/09).


My goal is to be in the 700+ club by YE 2010.


I recently obtained a small secured loan through the credit union to establish some good payment history.  I deposited the loan into my savings account and setup automatic payments (set it and forget it!).  This will only cost me $26 for a 12 month loan.  I have a foreclosure on my credit that should be coming off this year and when it does, I'll be able to get an unsecured cc from the credit union.  I can't say enough about the credit union.  The loan officer advised me on what I need to get off my credit report, what I need to get on my credit report and how to establish a better relationship with them for future transactions (hopefully qualifying for a home loan).


I currently have a low credit limit cc that I paid off in December and will only use every other month and pay off immediately to keep the card active.


I also have some medicals on my CR that I intend to start getting off by the end of this month.   Time to take a swat at the whole HIPAA process.


Good luck to everyone with their 2010 financial goals!

Starting Score: TU: 606 EQ: 600
Current Score: TU: 658 EQ: 661
2011 Goal Score: 750

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

Current score EQ = 676. Goal by the end of 2010 = 730.


Will continue to PIF, never late. Will let AAoA do it's thing and let this years inquiries and new accounts age past the 1 year mark.


I have done all I can as far as repair. Now I'm rebuilding.



Starting Score: EQ 618 TU 585
Current Score: EQ 680 TU 698 EX 681 (lender pull 04/2010)
Goal Score: EQ 720 TU 720

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

My FICO score goal for 2010 is 675.


My current middle score is 625.


I plan on taking this action by thinkin before I act and making sure to keep credit card debt low.

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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

My current scores are:


Experian Website: 695

My Fico (TU): 668

My Fico (EQ): 648


My goal for the end of 2010 is:


Ex: 725 or better

TU: 720 or better

EQ: 715 or better



My strategy: Pay all my CC/account balances in full, or atleast half, each month. Monitor my credit status via all 3 CR bureau's official website, as well as "my fico" (which I'm currently doing). Refrain from asking for uneccessary credit. Ensure that all past (settled) badies disappear upon their 7yr SOL, and maintain diligent communication with my current creditors. I believe I'm off to a good start. As of Jan 09, 2010. My car, bike, and cc are all paid off. My current available credit is 100%, and credit debt ratio-0. Wish me luck as I embark on my new journey, I kow I won't be alone because I have you all (my peers) to keep me grounded and on the right track. Good luck to you all.

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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

1.  Your FICO score goal for 2010....At least 650 maybe 700+

2.  Your current FICO score(s).....As of December 27 EQ 539, TU 582

3.  The steps you plan to take to achieve your goal...Pay CC's down to less than 10%, no more apps, PFD and GW letters...Time for me to get back on the grind!!!





Starting Score: EQ 401, TU430
Current Score: EQ 501, TU 500
Goal Score: 700+ across the board

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge

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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!
I have my first sign of progress!!  I paid off my husbands personal loan as of yeasterday.  YEA!!  Now I just have to wait and see how long it takes to get reported and see what effect, if any, it has on his score.  It was an unsecured personal loan, that he had for a few years.  It should help some to have it paid off.

Starting Score: EQ529 TU?
Current Score: EQ752 TU 749
Goal Score: 800

Take the FICO Fitness Challenge
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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

msdraglox wrote:

1. My goal is to cross the 650 mark

2. My current fico is 614 (1/4/10 SW alert)

3. Pay all credit cards off, GW until my fingers bleed, Get a secured card





Msdraglox or anyone that can help.....

I too had OCT 09 569 EQ

               DEC 09 587 EQ


Not sure what my current score is but curious to know how you got to raise yours to 614 thats 28 pts in 1 month - WOW!! I only have $850 to pay on CC debt and I'm done so not sure whats gonna get my over 600.

What is SW alert? What is GW until my fingers bleed?


Thank for any info!!!