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Re: Take the FICO Fitness Challenge!

msdraglox wrote:

1. My goal is to cross the 650 mark

2. My current fico is 614 (1/4/10 SW alert)

3. Pay all credit cards off, GW until my fingers bleed, Get a secured card





Msdraglox or anyone that can help.....

I too had OCT 09 569 EQ

               DEC 09 587 EQ


Not sure what my current score is but curious to know how you got to raise yours to 614 thats 28 pts in 1 month - WOW!! I only have $850 to pay on CC debt and I'm done so not sure whats gonna get my over 600.

What is SW alert? What is GW until my fingers bleed?


Thank for any info!!!